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His speech is too abstract to understand.

What did I say, man?

Save it till later.


Fire away!

They don't want Merril back.

It's very quiet here.

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You have my permission to try.

I can tell Lowell everything.

Kevin said he didn't know what he was supposed to do.


Sebastian Vettel said it could take him ten years to fully grasp what he had achieved.

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It's been two years since I came here.


Maybe we can talk.

This is the best dictionary that I have.

How many books do you possess?

Kerri didn't take Mahesh seriously.

Thanks to his efforts, it was more successful than we had expected.

Didn't anything else happen?

Torsten is a very sincere person.


I touched the bottom.

The lambs were slaughtered for market.

Can I ask why?


We have to learn how to do that.

She has one too.

Denis gave me what I needed.

Masanobu took a cookie.

The boy carved his name in the tree.

Mason doesn't need to do that.

You don't get paid to think.

Sometimes, one of the politicians can be seen trying to keep the audience's opinions under control during televised debates.

Don't waste your time and money.

Avery reacted badly.

Who are the others?

It'll take all afternoon and maybe more.

It's the animal in me that wants it.

It can't be Kyle.

I've got to agree with Harold here.


He gave up his attempt once for all.

Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Become yourself the person you were born to be.

Honzo is walking up the sidewalk.

You've got me all rattled.


You are much too modest.

Pete hardly ever asks questions.

I've got to get Ralf a present.


We need to get in touch with Manny.

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His letter enclosed a picture.

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Antony had not suspected that the young farmer liked her; she loved him as a brother.

I slept all day yesterday, since it was Sunday.

We await you.


Jaime is unscrupulous, isn't he?

He does a kind act once a day.

I'll be ready in a few minutes.

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I am like my father.


Jitendra's leg had gone to sleep so he was unable to stand up.

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I was told to wait here.

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She sang with a beautiful voice.

She has a love of music.

I was always good at English.


I tried to stay on friendly terms with her, but it was impossible.


Cave escape!


Gill does basically the same thing as Sjaak does.

Marguerite didn't think he could trust Betty.

Choose any of these pens.


There are five in our family.

Her look says that she loves you.

A work like "In This House of Brede," which tells the story of a successful businesswoman who enters a convent in middle life, is as interesting--and for the same reasons--as a story that takes place on a planet orbiting a distant star.


I'm sure Jitendra will be back soon.

I was watching him.

Good lunch.

He doesn't have enough experience.

He has a habit of keeping the door open.

Eight hobbits form one hobbyte.

Alison was overwhelmed with nostalgia when he went back to visit his old school fifty years after he had graduated from it.

I come from Colombia.

He courted disaster by reckless driving.

Joshua has been following me.

Paula was at the gym for three hours yesterday.

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Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?

They didn't even know what they had found.

Black is beautiful.


How astonished I was to see this.


Les hopes to make a profit this year, albeit a small one.

We need a challenge.

I'm not asking for your help.


He measures the time with a radio clock.

Tourists have increased in number.

"We must smash the dwarves." - "But we are the dwarves!" - "Oh... right."

We couldn't open the door because it was locked from the inside.

I have done all my homework and now I am completely free until Monday.

Ew! That's so gross!

I told him to go home.

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He got up early this morning.


I'll be back this afternoon.


Suyog said you were having problems with your car.


The school is within walking distance of my house.


I disagree with you, Win.

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I'm not sure I see that as a problem.


Shouldn't you be minding your own business?

You aren't really going to get rid of your classic car, are you?

On some computer boards, the capabilities or configuration was set using a dip switch mounted on the board; today these settings are done in software

The boss considered firing Hwa, but decided against it.

If I had had enough money, I would have bought the book.


She cut down a cherry tree.

I said come back in an hour.

Angus's arm had to be amputated.

Was that you at the door?

He will be punished.

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I'd like to be more than just friends.

What's behind the door?

Would you please call me up at five o'clock?


Pass the fare.

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Is that an option?

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Have you ever scared a dog away?

Forget your birthday? Perish the thought.

What's your favorite podcast?

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I didn't like doing this at first.


I'm going to take care of it for you.


What if Coleen is right?


We supported each other.

The poor man has no relatives.

I have seen various difficulties.

I don't want Pratapwant giving Julius advice.

I didn't really expect to win.

I've got something I'd like to say to you.

Damn! Swiss trains have everything!

All of us went to the theater to see a play.

Are you sure you want to do that?

Don't walk on the shards of the broken bottle.

Bradford never called.


Cristina needed you.


We thought his silence meant he approved.

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Are you expecting anyone?

Is it over yet?

Now I'm serious.

The patient is in danger.

She got herself up in a new dress.

I cannot bear such an insult.

We can apply this rule to that case.

I have nothing against Jeffie.

It's just a headache.

Hsuan leaned over to put on his shoes.

The girl didn't like to wash dishes.

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You should hold your tongue while someone else is talking.


Sho was beginning to feel tired.


I think I'll buy some more food.


I want to see her again.

There's no point in living any longer.

Such changes are nothing more than the artist's legerdemain.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Who said you could sleep?